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Whether you are opening your first restaurant, opening a franchise of restaurants or simply renovating an existing restaurant, an efficient kitchen design should be your first priority in your list of priorities.

Restaurant kitchens which are elegant with proper layouts including all of the restaurant equipment – such that chefs are able to locate every tool with ease when they need them, are essential to any restaurant’s success. In addition technological items such as kitchen display systems that help kitchen workflows rather than hinder them can improve efficiency tenfold.

At Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team, we pride ourselves in having years of experience and expertise in restaurant kitchen remodeling, maximizing utilization of your kitchen space and its functionality. Whether you need a fresh look of your kitchen or you are simply rectifying mistakes that have been made in the design of the previous restaurant kitchen, we offer various fresh tailor made design models and ideas that will be up to your expectations.

We also offer the best tips and advice during the remodeling process so that you do not only get a new restaurant kitchen but also value for your money.

Below are some of the services we offer at Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team:



Kitchen Sinks, Fixtures and Faucets

You will definitely find these appliances in the cleaning and washing section of a restaurant kitchen. In most cases, you will find three compartment sinks necessary for washing utensils while ware washing machines quickly clean plates and other serving utensils to keep the kitchen running at full speed. These appliances should always be placed near the kitchen entrance so as waiters can quickly drop off dirty utensils and near the storage area so that chefs can quickly find clean dishes. Stainless steel is considered the best material for restaurant kitchen sinks because it is not only easy to clean but also durable.

For home sinks, if you want to achieve a modern look or you want to add a little style and sophistication, you can use porcelain, stone, composite or glass.


Kitchen countertops and surfaces

Restaurant kitchen countertops consist of the cutting area and mixing area and therefore the material used to create these surfaces must be considered carefully. Marble, granite and quartz are highly recommended for restaurant kitchen countertops because they are not harmed by heat, cuts or scratches, they are stain resistant and most of all, they come in different designs and colors.

Restaurant kitchen countertops and surfaces should be placed near the storage arae to allow chefs to efficiently grab fresh utensils, prepare plates and move them on to the cooking area quickly.



Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is usually the most expensive projects. When putting up your restaurant kitchen for remodeling, you have to consider the budget because this then determines your kitchen options and what will work best for you. When making refurbishing options for your restaurant kitchen cabinets, you can choose from painting to staining, glazing or any other custom finishing to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have the stainless steel type of cabinets, you do not have to add any finishing as they are perfect just the way they are.

At Los Angeles Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Team, we have a process that we engage our customers in so that they are aware what they are getting themselves into. We evaluate your kitchen project, offer various options and ideas, get your feedback and any concerns and additions and then we get right down to work.


Kitchen Accessories

Your restaurant storage area can be split into different sections such as food storage, non-food storage, cold storage or dry storage. We offer a wide variety of roll outs, drawers and additional stations for example; you can opt to have base roll outs to offer easier access from any side of the kitchen. We prioritize your health safety by ensuring that the storage sections we put up are able to store materials or items without possible contamination. We recommend that any of your storage section should be located near the un-loading section or receiving area to shorten the distance new stock has to travel through your restaurant.


Kitchen Lighting

Most restaurant kitchen lighting conditions are usually designed to meet the food code standards. There is more to kitchen lighting than just meeting the food code standards. Your restaurant kitchen lighting must keep your employees alert and safe in their work surroundings. We advise on having the modern lighting system to keep the workflow at its most efficient maximum. We design each lighting option to suit any space in the kitchen for safety and cleanliness purposes. For example, the food prep area lighting should be intense because this is an area where chefs are working with dangerous equipment like knives, saws and grinders.


Kitchen flooring

Health and hygiene are the basic elements to consider when choosing the best flooring system for your kitchen restaurant. You need a floor that is low maintenance, easy to clean and also easy to sanitize. We offer a wide variety of flooring options which include: ceramic, porcelain, travertine, marble, limestone among others. Ceramic is considered the best choice for restaurant kitchens because it is easy to clean, stain resistant and highly durable. It also very hard and cannot be ruined by water or other liquids. Ceramic is also available in different decorative option you can choose from.

Apart from offering restaurant kitchen remodeling services, we also offer complete home kitchen remodeling giving your home a fresh new look depending on your preferred style. We remodel all types of kitchen models like traditional, contemporary, custom and eco-friendly kitchens. We take you step by step of our remodeling process and involve you from the beginning enabling you to achieve your dream effortlessly.

We also undertake bathrooms remodeling and renovations, giving them a modern look and a change that completely fits your style. We offer remodeling services to your bath Jacuzzi and spa tubs, countertops and surfaces, cabinets, walk in tubs, showers, bathroom walls and doors.

Latest reports show that the two common remodeling projects for most home owners are bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling. This shows that small scale renovations are increasingly becoming more popular like large scale projects. Home owners are finding cost effective and quicker upgrades that can add comfort and value to their homes.

Below are some tips that will help you make the right choices before remodeling your bathroom or your kitchen:

  • Know about the existing layouts

It is important to know where every item or system lies in your existing kitchen or bathroom. For instance knowing about the existing plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, vents and ducts and any other cabling could save you a lot of money whereas rearranging the same could lead to added expenses.

  • Know your needs

When you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, it shows that you are addressing your wants and needs. Be clear to yourself what will be necessary and areas on which you’re willing to compromise

  • Plan your design

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is normally a complex and time-consuming process. If unsure of your designs, engage with a certified architect or an interior designer for consultations to gauge your position on the project.

  • Know your budget

Many people wish to have kitchens and bathrooms with designs and accessories that are out of this world, they forget that such designs costs a lot of money. If you will be remodeling on a budget, some compromises will be necessary. Figure out what you can comfortably afford and then choose alternative materials for remodeling.

  • Research about your remodeling company

Some remodeling companies are notorious for putting up glamorous profiles on their websites or brochures but when it comes down to the technical part, have literally nothing to offer. A good remodeling company should be licensed and insured. The company should also be able to present their past projects or portfolio confidently and without plagiarism. It is good to involve local renowned companies because you are bound to trust them and friends and neighbors can attest their work.

Project remodeling should be a joyous journey. Have a good plan from the beginning, a capable and effective remodeling team and some attention to detail to make what was once a dream and a collection of ideas, into a reality.


Frequently asked questions

  • Will I get satisfied?

Satisfaction is what we are after and if you do not get satisfied with our results, we will redo the job minus charging anything else. We value you as our customer and satisfaction is what drives us in the market.

In case you are looking for the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors, Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team is the place to be. We will serve you within the shortest time possible without compromising on the quality of work.